Battlefield 5’s Release Date, Deluxe Edition For PS4 / Xbox One / PC Confirmed

Battlefield 5’s Release Date, Deluxe Edition For PS4 / Xbox One / PC Confirmed

EA and DICE’s new WWII shooter launches this October and will be available in standard and Deluxe editions.

Battlefield 5 in 2022 Is Still Worth Playing..

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Should You Buy Battlefield 5 In 2022? Is Battlefield 5 Really Worth It? (Review)

Should you buy Battlefield 5 in 2022?
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Battlefield 5 right from its announcement was a controversial game for many reasons from its trailer to its developers basically calling players dumb because they didn’t understand women fought in
world war 2 which is just not what people were complaining about well at least most people were not moaning about that but you will always have some people in these communities that take things to
the extreme… which never ends well.

So despite the controversies the developers and publisher EA doubled down on what they thought was the right thing.

When battlefield 5 launched it got destroyed by fans of the franchise, the majority of players called it a downgrade compared to battlefield 1 and when i played it in 2018 i had to agree but is battlefield 5 worth buying in 2022?
Has the war stories aged well and has the additional content thats been added like the pacific maps improved the game or just added more of the same in a game that was heavily disliked.

That’s what im here to discuss especially after that disaster that was battlefield 2042.

So is Battlefield 5 worth buying in 2022? Has the various additional content improved Battlefield 5 making it worth a buy or you should you stay clear of Battlefield 5 forever?

Lets find out.

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Battlefield 5 is still WORTH it in 2022…

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What’s included in battlefield v definitive edition ea play pro?

In menu walkthrough of what it is you’re getting with Battlefield V definitive edition ea play pro.